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Tips On Keeping Your Boat Clean All Year Long

Tips On Keeping Your Boat Clean All Year Long

Cleaning a boat can be tough work if you don't know what specifically you should do. There's the aftermath of a fishing trip, inclement weather, and everything in between that can prove tough for even a seasoned boat owner. Gambill Marine Services LLC is here to help you with some tips when it comes to keeping your boat clean no matter what the conditions.

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Hard Water Spots: Vinegar And Water

Hard water spots are bound to happen with any sort of splash or spray from the waves hitting your boat. These can be particularly tough to deal with when it's on your windshield/visor. The spots make it hard to see things which can leave you in rather life-threatening situations.

For cases of hard water spots, we recommend you keep a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water on board. You can keep it in a spray bottle and clean the spots up as needed. You can, of course, use some boat-specific cleaning spray as well. It doesn't hurt to have both on hand when the need arises.

Ridding Yourself Of Stains

The best way to prevent stains is to act fast. When spills happen, clean it up as soon as you're able. Sometimes you're not able to do so, which is why stains happen. So to get rid of these stains, you will need the right cleaning product and patience.

Sometimes stains need a bit more time to be gone than other markings and blemishes that your boat may accumulate. Let the cleaning product sit on the stain for a bit and soak in. If you don't see any improvement after however many tries, you may want to get in contact with professional boat cleaning services.

Teak Time

If your boat has teak surfaces, you can get away with a simple soapy scrub and rinse. But if your boat is in an area with a lot of UV exposure, you'll want to consider an acid-based teak cleaner that will prevent your teak from degrading and looking rotten.

Gelcoat Preservation

Your boat's gelcoat should be one of the first parts of your boat that you take care of. Without proper cleaning, this surface will look downtrodden and expose your boat's hull to some serious damage. To start with, use a couple of layers of paste wax at the start of the season. After that, give your boat some love by applying some liquid carnauba wax. The key is to wash your boat after every single use, to prevent buildup.

If you don't feel like DIY, invest in professional boat cleaning services to properly maintain your gelcoat and hull. If you experience any issues with your boat, Gambill Marine Services LLC offers quality gelcoat repair and boat repairs for boat owners like yourself.

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