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Boat Refinishing For More Beautiful Marine Vessels In Pensacola

Boat Refinishing

If your boat is in need of some TLC, Gambill Marine Services LLC offers the best quality boat refinishing services here in Pensacola. We know that your boat is your pride and joy, so don't let it go to ruin.

In addition to boat refinishing, Gambill Marine Services LLC offers the best quality boat repairs for Pensacola boat owners. We know that you want your boat to look its best all year long. Check out the services we offer that can allow you to enjoy your boat at its best:

  • Boat Painting
  • Gelcoat Repair
  • Boat Waxing & Detailing
  • Wood Finishing
  • And more

Contact our team today to learn how to schedule any one of our incredible services for your boat, including that of boat refinishing.

Reasons For Refinishing

Sometimes a boat needs refinishing for a variety of reasons. It may be due to cracks and holes from impact, fading from the sun, and more. Most of the new fiberglass boats out there are finished with some sort of protective gelcoat.

Gelcoat tends to start shiny and smooth, making your boat look new and pretty. However, gelcoat can degrade over time. This causes your boat to look old and worn out. A damaged gelcoat can also make your boat susceptible to decay.

Refinishing means replacing the gelcoat and starting anew. This can make your boat look decades younger.

Boat Restoration Performed By Experts

Our team of experts at Gambill Marine Services LLC will help you create a brand-new finish for your boat. We know that it can be a tough task to undertake on your own, so you don't have to. We know just how to get the job done and the techniques to make sure that your boat's new finish will last longer than the previous one.

Frequently Asked Boat Refinishing Questions

This will depend on how you use your boat and how it's stored. Most boat owners will need boat refinishing every few years, due to fading, discoloration, and breakages.

Generally, boat refinishing will mean replacing the gelcoat and other layers of protection on the surface of your boat. Certain times it will mean replacing the entire surface, while other times it will mean a simple patching up. You'll have to connect with our team to determine what the best course of action is for your boat.

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