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Transform Your Pensacola Boat's Appearance With Hull Painting

Hull Painting

Quality hull painting services in Pensacola can be found right at Gambill Marine Services LLC. Our team is dedicated to making your boat look and feel just as you envision. This service will make your boat look better than ever and protect it from the intensities of the water and sun.

In addition to hull painting, Gambill Marine Services LLC offers quality boat repairs for Pensacola boat owners. These services include the following:

Get in contact with Gambill Marine Services LLC today to learn more about how you can schedule hull painting or other services for your boat. Read on to learn more about the service itself.

What Does Hull Painting Do?

Hull painting is more than just making the boat the color you want. The process is all about making the boat easy to clean, maintain, and navigate. Hull painting helps create a layer between the hull of the boat and the environment, protecting it from degradation and expensive damage.

Types of paint used for hull painting:

  • Primer: This is the first product applied after the boat has been cleaned. It protects the hull and is the base for the other coats of paint. Typically epoxy is used as a primer since it is highly resistant to degradation.
  • Intermediate layers: These layers help prevent the buildup of living organisms and general fouling on your boat's hull. These layers also have some sort of sunblock for the layers that aren't always submerged in water.
  • Finishing paint: This can be something like a gelcoat or resin finish to protect the boat from wear and tear.

Industry Pros Painting Boat Hulls

Gambill Marine Services LLC is an industry leader when it comes to Pensacola hull painting services. Our team of boat repair experts knows just how to get the job done right the first time around. We will answer all of your questions and leave you with a boat that's worth being proud of.

Your hull will be repainted to your specifications and be well protected in the future.

Frequently Asked Hull Painting Questions

It is recommended that you have at least 4-5 thin coats. This means thin coats of the primer, intermediate layers, and the finishing paint.

If your boat stays in the water all year, it will need to be repainted more often than others. Generally, hulls should be repainted at least once per year. Boats that don't spend their whole time in the water can get away with a period of two years or more without the hull being repainted.

Hull painting can be done using brushes, sprayers, rollers, and any combination of tools.

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