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Top-Notch Gelcoat Repair When Your Pensacola Boat Needs It

Gelcoat Repair

Is your gelcoat damaged and you're in need of expert quality gelcoat repair here in the Pensacola area? Well, you're in luck because Gambill Marine Services LLC is here to help you every step of the way. Our team specializes in all sorts of boat repairs, including gelcoat.

In addition to gelcoat repair, we offer a variety of boat repairs for Pensacola boat owners. These services will get your boat ready to sail in no time. Check some of them out below:

Read on to learn more about what gelcoat repair can mean for you and be sure to connect with our team today to learn how to schedule this service.

What Causes The Need For Gelcoat Repair?

Damage to your gelcoat surfaces can be caused by all sorts of things. You may have had a hard time loading or unloading your boat, causing deep scratches on the surface. You might have dropped some heavy set of tools, causing punctures or tears. Or maybe you drilled a hole where you shouldn't have. Happens to the best of us.

No matter what sort of damage has been caused to your gelcoat, Gambill Marine Services LLC is here to help. Our gelcoat repair service will allow you to feel confident in the state of your boat and

Gelcoat Repair For Boats

Gambill Marine Services LLC is here to help you repair and restore your gelcoat. No matter the extent of the damage, our team is prepared to handle it all from start to finish. We will restore your boat to its former glory and ensure that each feature of your boat is protected and healthy.

Connect with our team today to learn what gelcoat is best for you and your boat.

Frequently Asked Gelcoat Repair Questions

You need to make sure that the old gelcoat is properly applied and cured because gelcoat will only stick to fiberglass, cured gelcoat, or polyester resin. You should not apply gelcoat to paint or any sort of protective coating because it will not stick or cure properly.

Most gelcoat repairs tend to cure within a few hours. For best results, an overnight cure is ideal. Different types of gelcoat will mean cure time will vary.

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