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Upgrade Your Boat With Our Topside Painting In Pensacola

Topside Painting

In search of the best topside painting services in the Pensacola area? Gambill Marine Services LLC is here to help you. We offer the best boat services that will keep your boat afloat and looking better than ever.

Topside painting is just one of many services that we offer. We are proud to offer a variety of services in the realm of boat repairs for Pensacola residents. Check out some of the other services we can offer you below:

  • Hull Painting
  • Wood Finishing
  • Bottom Painting
  • Boat Refinishing
  • And more

So if you want the best quality topside painting you can get, be sure to connect with our team today to learn how to schedule this must-have service. Read on to learn more about topside painting and what our experts can offer you.

What Topside Paint Is And Why You Need It

Topside painting refers to any sort of paint that is applied above the waterline of a boat. Painting includes the sides of the boat's hull, its deck, and the interiors. Most marine topside paints are typically made from either one-part polyurethane, two-part polyurethane, alkyd marine enamel, or two-part acrylic urethanes.

No matter what type of topside paint you choose, they have this in common:

  • Resistant to moisture and abrasion.
  • They're durable and flexible enough to withstand hull expansion and contraction.
  • Resistant to UV exposure that is either direct or reflected by the water, thus maintaining the boat's color and finish.

The above points are all the reasons and more you should invest in topside painting for your boat. Our team of experts will help you select the best type for your boat and needs, as well as handle the application process.

Applying Topside Paint

Our team of experts will handle all aspects of topside painting so that you can enjoy picture-perfect professional results without needing to lift a finger. We handle it all from start to finish, including surface prep and cleanup.

Depending on the finish and results you desire will affect the manner in which we paint. We may use rollers, spraying equipment, or brushes to achieve the finish you want.

Frequently Asked Topside Painting Questions

How much paint you will need for topside painting will depend on the size of your boat and the surface area that you wish to cover. Different types of paint will also yield varying results in coverage. The manufacturers will typically list the estimated yield of coverage on the bucket/can. Our experts will be able to assist you in this manner.

There isn't really a single proven deck surface that will keep people from slipping on your boat's deck, but there are slip-resistant finishes that you can apply to your deck during the topside painting process.

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