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High Quality Boat Repairs In Pensacola

The best boat repairs in the Pensacola area can be found with the pros at Gambill Marine Services LLC. We offer the best quality results when it comes to our boat repair services. We will ensure that your boat is fixed up and ready for all of your boating excursions.

Read on to learn more about what we offer and what you can expect from us when you decide to invest in boat repairs.

Make Your Boat Beautiful With Our Services

Your boat deserves to be beautiful and to your liking. We know that certain circumstances can cause your boat to look old and ragged, but we offer the services that will turn that around. No matter what you want your boat to look like, we are sure that our boat repairs team will be able to accomplish that for you.

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Why Our Boat Repair Shop Is Right For You

Attention To Detail

Attention To Detail

Clean Work Environment

Clean Work Environment

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Established Since 2003

Established Since 2003

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Fiberglass Boat Repair

Fiberglass Boat Repair

Fiberglass boat repairs are about making sure the fiberglass parts of your boat and its hull are intact, healthy, and invulnerable. Fiberglass boat repair fixes and replaces fixing the damaged areas of your boat's fiberglass. Damaged fiberglass can introduce a world of issues within your boat, meaning more expensive repairs.

Gelcoat Repair

Gelcoat Repair

The gelcoat of your boat is an essential part of your boat. Without it, your hull is exposed to untold damage and danger. The gelcoat protective surface is what keeps the inner fiberglass structure protected and intact. A damaged gelcoat means damage to the fiberglass which means damage to your whole boat.

Gelcoat is also something that helps enhance the aesthetic of your boat. So if your gelcoat is ever damaged, you can trust the pros at Gambill Marine Services LLC to provide you with the best gelcoat repair in the business, with which the proper care will help preserve your boat for decades.

We Are Experts In Boat Repair!

Contact us today to make your boat shine.

Keep Up With Your Boat Maintenance In Pensacola With Our Boat Painting Services

If you want your boat to be healthy, safe, and uniform in appearance, you need the best of the best when it comes to boat painting services. Gambill Marine Services LLC offers a wide selection of boat painting services that will ensure your boat is well-maintained and protected.

Check out those services below:

Each of these services will protect your boat in different ways, including protecting your own safety.

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Service Area Map

Cities We Service In Escambia County

We are proud to be able to serve a wide area so that boat owners can experience the best in service and care. So long as you are within our service areas or can reach them, we are more than happy to serve you and your boat to the best of our abilities. Check out our service areas below:

Don't see your town listed above? Please contact our team today to learn more about how to schedule boat repairs and how you can experience our services.

Check Out Our Latest Boat Refinishing Projects!

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Tips To Protect Your Boat

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FAQs For Your Gambill Marine Services LLC Experts

Yes, Gambill Marine Services LLC is more than capable of restoring and repairing the damaged gelcoat of your boat. Depending on the severity of the situation, we may need to strip the gelcoat entirely and apply a new one for the best results possible. Our team of experts will be able to assess your situation and provide you with the best and most cost-effective option for your boat.

Boat wax ensures that the color, shine, and integrity of your gelcoat are protected from the elements. Most of the waxes out on the market are designed to withstand salt water, organic material, and the sun. Boat wax will also make cleaning your boat easier by making grime and other pollutants unable to stick to the surface.

Gambill Marine Services LLC offers various painting services for your boat. We offer painting for your boat's hull, bottom, and topside. We also offer nonskid spray for the surfaces of your boat as well as wood finishing services. Painting will ensure your surfaces are protected from the elements and provide your boat with a neat and uniform appearance.

Yes, we can fix the fiberglass on your boat. The damage can be as simple as a scratch or as severe as tears and holes. No matter the case, our team of experts will be able to repair and replace the fiberglass parts of your boat as needed. Fiberglass is an essential part of your boat, protecting your hull and other features. We also offer gelcoat repair to ensure the fiberglass is well-protected.

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Bring Your Boat To Us With Any Boat Repairs And Refinishing In Pensacola!