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Boat Maintenance Across The Seasons

Boat Maintenance Across The Seasons

Seasons come and go, bringing about all sorts of change with them. While seasonal changes aren't too drastic under the Florida sun, there are things that boat owners need to consider when maintaining their boats throughout the seasons.

So if you want your boat to stay in tip-top condition, let Gambill Marine Services LLC help you every step of the way. Our team has all the tricks of the trade to help you better maintain your boat no matter the climate. Contact our team today to learn more about boat repairs and other services you may need to best maintain your boat.

Summer Maintenance

Summer is the perfect time to hit the open waters and enjoy life to the fullest. Before you can do any of that, you need to ensure your boat is ready for all the fun.

The sun in Florida can be brutal, so be sure that you have the proper UV protection for your boat's surfaces and finish. Don't forget to keep the surfaces, exterior and interior, clean to avoid any sort of buildup that may cause degradation. If you're taking your boat out often, be sure to rinse and flush out your sanitation system often also.

Autumn/Winter Maintenance

If we're being frank, there isn't much to worry about when it comes to the autumn and winter months. Florida rarely experiences freezing weather, but it's best to be prepared nonetheless, especially since these months are when we tend to experience threats of hurricanes.

In case temperatures do fall below what's desirable, you will want to work some antifreeze through your engine's cooling system to prevent any icy buildup. Keep up to date with your engine oil and the filters and inspect these features for any damage or cracks.

Make sure to inspect your propellers for damage and repair/replace them as necessary. Don't be afraid to apply a protective coat of grease to the propeller shaft just to keep it in good shape.

Spring Maintenance

Spring maintenance may seem similar to summer maintenance if you don't need to winterize your boat. If you did need to, then you may need to add a few more steps to your maintenance routine for the season.

If you worked some antifreeze into your engine's cooling system, you will need to flush it out. While you're attending to the engine, be sure the oil is ready and the filter is fresh. If you've stored your boat during the winter, clean your boat up and apply some wax to it before you take it out.

For more information about boat repairs and maintenance, contact Gambill Marine Services LLC today. We have everything you can need for your boat during the whole year, including topside painting, boat waxing & detailing, and more.

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